서 (문) 희윤 : Ellie Seo

      h  e  e y  o  o  n    E  l  l  i  e    S  e  o      

I translate texts into visual languages to reflect my responding to the invisibility of women of colour derived from the intersectionality in feminist theory. As a woman of colour, a settler, and an artist who studies feminisms, I exist subjectively isolated in the intersection of my multi-faceted identity and does not entirely belong to anywhere.

Through exploring the materiality of visual art using textual illegibility and the invisible transition between languages, I created a newly constructed alphabet based on my drawings to transcribe the texts. My drawings are patterns of various curved lines as organic compounds, which are abstractedly representational elements of nature as well as expressing my emotions in the moments of daily life. 

The action of drawing curved lines expresses the fluid existence of my identity, and the act of transcribing texts into the illegible but also visualized form represents the invisibility emerging to the visible.

 Copyright heeyoon ellie seo, 2020                                            

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